A Message From Lead Pastor Ronald Squibb

On June 15, 2021 Governor Cuomo lifted most of the COVID Restrictions.  For ICC we have what the State calls an “Unknown Situation”, which means we have vaccinated and non-vaccinated people.  We will not be asking about your vaccination status therefore we will operate as follows:


We encourage the wearing of masks.


You may remove your mask when everyone is seated for the preaching of the Word.


No temperatures will be taken.


No health screening will be done.


The use of hand sanitizer is encouraged by all entering our buildings.



*  Entrance & Exit

        We will continue to enter and exit the same way.


*  Cleaning & Sanitizing

        Cleaning will be happening between the services.

        Regular cleaning of highly touched areas will continue.

        Restrooms will be regularly cleaned.


*  Services

        Fridays will be our Encounter Service with our Youth Night, Royal Rangers & Girl’s Ministries.

        No registration is required for any of our services.

        We will not be distributing program guides, sermon outlines or other printed materials.

        New Visitors may fill out a Connection Card and pick up a visitors gift in the area that was the Health Screening Desk. This will be the New Welcome Center.



*  Balcony

        The Balcony (all services) will be used for those who prefer Social Distancing.


*  Greeting

        We recommend social distancing, but this can be done as one feels comfortable in doing.


*  Ushering & Offering

        There will be no roping off areas on the Main Floor.

        Blue tape on the front pews will remain due to the preaching and worship team singing without masks.

        Offerings will continue as it is presently being collected.

        We recommend smart giving, for those who desire this option.


*  New Events & Activities

       Will be added slowly so we can measure our progress.

       Please stay tuned to Announcements, on our Web Page at iccnyc.org., or App at ICCNYC, or our social media pages.



Please note:


  • A fever is 100.4, if your temperature is this or higher we kindly ask that you stay home.


  • If you are not feeling well with any kind of symptoms we kindly ask that you stay and home and view online.


  • COVID is still with us as a cold or flu are so if you are in contact with a known case we kindly ask that you remain home until a negative test is received.  Please inform the church office, if you have contacted the Covid virus.