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Building Manager


Building Manager (Full Time)


Salary Range: $40,000 - $55,000 (based on experience, qualifications & certifications) 


General Description: The Building Manager is responsible to oversee the daily maintenance and operations of the church property or properties.  Coordinate and oversee church maintenance and repairs of all building systems such as plumbing, heating/cooling system & elevator. Overseeing projects and contracts with vendors.  Conduct inventory and purchase of maintenance supplies. Oversee the maintenance of all ICC vehicles.  Ensure that building/safety codes and fire alarm systems are in compliance with NYC regulations. Supervise staff and work closely with the housekeeping supervisor to ensure that the church is clean, sanitized and in compliance with OSHA, City & State guidelines.


  1. Must possess general knowledge in the following areas: painting, mechanical, general maintenance and custodial work. 

  2. Within 1 year of employment candidate must pass and possess FDNY Certification for: S-13 (Stand Pipe) & S-95 (Fire Alarm)  

  3. Have a valid driver’s license. 

  4. Candidate must be an active member of ICC and committed to the vision and mission of the church. 

  5. Candidate will report and work closely with the Business Administrator. 

  6. Attention to detail, organizational and communication skills required.

Contact Lyndsey Martinez at church office 718.494.5433
or email a copy of your resume to
by March 17th, 2023.
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